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Chairman Austin Smith

Austin Smith is a proud 5th generation Arizonan and avid outdoorsman. Growing up working in the agricultural industry he saw first hand how devastating an out of control government is to business and freedom. This led him to be involved with public policy and grassroots activism starting in 2014. Austin is the former Chairman of the Maricopa County Young Republicans and National Field Director of Students for Trump. Austin led the effort on and off campus for Donald Trump. Austin was the youngest at-large delegate elected from Arizona to the 2020 Republican National Convention. He has served as Secretary for the Legislative District 13 Republican Committee and is the former campaign manager for State Senator Sine Kerr.

National Committeeman Nick Moore

An Arizona native, Nick has spent the past decade helping schools and non-profit organizations across the Grand Canyon State —and the country — raise tens of millions of dollars for much-needed causes. Through his experience he brings an operational and goal-driven mind to the AZYR Executive Committee. He enjoys his yellow lab, a black iced coffee, and Packers football.

National Committeewoman Shialee Grooman

Born and raised in Arizona, Shia Grooman has always had a love for State 48. After founding the pro-life group on her college campus, Shia found a passion for Arizona politics and has been heavily involved ever since. She has been involved with a multitude of grassroots conservative organizations and is committed to using this experience to help grow the AZ YRs. Shia has been an elected PC since 2018 and currently works for the Arizona Republican Party.

Vice Chair Colton Duncan

Colton Duncan is an aggressive, young 'Political Consultant' that defies the conventional model of "Consulting" -- He has spent the entirety of his career engaging with the Conservative Base and building relationships with leading Influencers, Leaders and Organizations within the movement. He is an unapologetic Trump-Republican fighting the Culture War and pushing back against the Radical Left and the spineless RINOs on the right.

Secretary Charlotte Perez

Charlotte Perez moved to Arizona in February 2020 to become the first Field Administrator for Turning Point Action. In 2019, Turning Point Action launched their project Students for Trump and Charlotte helped spearhead grassroots activism across the country in battleground states. After 2020, TPA pivoted to Precinct Committeeman recruitment successfully recruiting hundreds of PCs. Charlotte was honored to be appointed the Secretary to the Arizona YRs and work alongside Chairman Austin Smith to help take back Arizona from the ground up. Charlotte's experience and passion for politics is her driving force behind her immense work ethic and strong willed attitude.    

Co-Chair Connor Clegg

Connor Clegg is an unapologetically America-First conservative who has called Arizona home for the past 4 years. After leaving his beloved home state of Texas, he quickly became involved in state and local politics, engaging the grassroots through his work at Turning Point USA starting in 2018. With a dogged work ethic and an unbridled passion to clearly communicate conservative principles to the masses, he helped build Charlie Kirk's personal social media presence to behometh levels. In 2019, he helped Charlie launch the highly succesful, top conservative podcast—The Charlie Kirk Show and later became a producer on the Nationally-Syndicated Charlie Kirk Radio Show as well. In his free-time, Connor enjoys cooking for his friends, reading, and roadtripping through our beautiful state.

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